Water Control Valves


The RVW water control valve type is suitable for use under conditions of highest pressures, temperatures and outputs. RVW water control valves are used in all branches of industry where water pressures have to be reduced. The device is effectively a pressure reducing valve.

Design and Function

The valve body has a lateral inlet connection and is fitted with a seat welded in place which can be exchanged, and a close fitting expansion cone. The valve stem and the cone are made in one piece. The stem is mounted so as to be free from vibration and is guided in a bush in the valve cover and another bush in the valve core. The cover and the valve are fastened together by a clamping device which facilitates assembly. The noise level is kept low because of a special design of internal parts. The pulse from the control unit causes the valve drive to change position of valve cone. The gap between the seat and the cone allows the medium to flow. The valve can be opened against the pressure of the medium. A complete seal in the closed position is secured.


Simple, rugged construction and first class manufacturing ensure trouble-free operation. Favorable price and short delivery times are achieved by modular construction. Several types of actuators can be adopted for operating the valves.

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