Steam Conditioning Valve (DZE Type)


The DZE steam conditioning valve type presented here is suitable for conditions of highest pressures and temperatures. Steam conditioning valves of DZE type are used in all branches of industry where steam simultaneously has to be expanded to a Iower pressure and to be cooled. The DZE carries out both duties without the need of a cooler. For this reason its use is particularly attractive in power stations, in the process industry as well as in paper mills and sugar factories etc.

Design and Function

The steam conditioning valve throttles and cools superheated steam with in a single valve body. The operation of this valve is straightforward. It occupies very little space and is extremely economical due to its compactness and relatively Iow initial costs.

The steam conditioning valve can be practical applied to any available steam condition from the highest pressures and temperatures right down to the Iowest initial values. Throughput rates for the valves are unlimited.

The coolant is not supplied directly into the steam flow, but is injected through a central hole in the valve stem. When the valve is opened, a relative smaller flow from the main steam supply automatically enters an annular chamber in the regulating cone and starts to vaporise the centrally supplied coolant immediately when it leaves the regulating cone. Even under conditions of partial throughflow this ensures thorough mixing.

Accurate monitoring during operation has led to a well-engineered multi-stage expansion which guarantees low sound emission and vibration.

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