Check Valve (RK Type)


  • simple construction
  • requires minimum space
  • needs no gland
  • maintenance-free
  • horizontal and vertical mountings
  • acid resistant


The check valve is a shut off device, developed for feedwater piping in high-pressure boilers and pumps. The check valve opens, automatically caused by the flow of the medium and shuts due to the gravity effect of the swing plate causing counter-pressure in case of flow interruption. Because of the glandless fitting of the valve shaft, a trouble-free and simple operation is guaranteed. Furthermore, needing no gland, leakage is quite impossible. The check valve is basically equipped with a self-sealing cover-plate. It is also employed as a safety device to check reverse-flow in pipelines carrying superheated steam and in long distance pipe systems with highest pressure ranges.


  • with welded ends,
  • with flanges,
  • one side with welded ends, and other side with flanges,
  • one side with welded ends, and other side butt-end or threaded end for cramp socket-connection,
  • with minimum flow connection upstream of the valve plate and relief nozzle
  • downstream of the valve plate, special requirements are considered.

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