Automatic Recirculation Check Valves (ARC Type)

Application and Function

Automatic Recirculation Check Valves are required to ensure the minimum flow rate of a pump at all times. This protects the pump against superheating, cavitation and finally, destruction. When the flow through the pump falls below a certain level the bypass system opens and the fluid will be recirculated providing the required minimum flow for the pump.

Our Automatic Recirculation Check Valves work in a modulating way. Should the discharge increase through the following processes, then the amount of fluid recirculated by the bypass is automatically reduced – and vice versa. This increases the efficiency of the entire system and optimises the economy in the low-load operation.

The pump protection works entirely over the inside valve technology. The volume by which the process decreases is measured independent of the pressure – the amount returned over the bypass is adapted automatically.


  • Reduced weight and overall dimensions for connection system
  • No need to disconnect recirculation line for replacement of ARC Valve wear bypass parts, valve can stay in place, for both sketches
  • Patented bypass system allowing to handle a large range of pressure and flow with perfect tightness
  • Protected against particles due to the fact that the seat is permanently covered by bypass valve
  • Valve and bypass body made of one piece, prevents leakage
  • Cost reduction by reduced dimensions through tangential bypass branch and easy machining
  • Wear parts replacement without disconnecting the valve from the line results maintenance cost reduction
  • Safety by bypass position gauge (optional)

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